Willie T & Doctor X

Willie T & Doctor X are a dynamic, Boston-based singer/songwriter duo, performing mostly original acoustic roots-rock/folk/blues (aka Americana).  Long-time veterans of the Boston music scene, their music evokes an overall 1970s roots-rock feel, delivered with an authenticity that comes from growing up with that sound as teenagers and performing it themselves ever since.  Acoustic music …

Size: 1-2 performers

On Tuesday

On Tuesday met in a guitar class about a year and a half ago (thanks ACE!), and they’ve been enjoying making music together on Tuesdays ever since. They’ve expanded their instrumentation to include bass, ukelele, banjo, and harmonica, as well as a variety of vocal styles. On Tuesday plays classic favorites from musicians like The …

Size: 3-6 performers

The 94s

The 94s are led by the vocals of Nicole Cuff, and the songwriting of James Cuff, with memorable songs, and poetic, thought-provoking lyrics. They are artists and storytellers performing around the Greater Boston area, and have shared stages and compilations with artists such as The Ghost of Paul Revere, Aubrey Haddard, Beane, Dylan Dunlap and …

Size: 1-2 performers