Arlington Bubblefest: How to Participate

Arlington Bubblefest!

A New Community Celebration in the Spirit of Arlington Porchfest 

Life inside a six-foot bubble can be lonely. But bubbles are transparent. We can see out and find inspiration. Others can see in and feel inspired. Connecting the dots in these uncertain times is not impossible. It just requires more creativity.

Since we are unable to present Arlington Porchfest as we would like to in these times of social distancing, ACA challenges you to own your six-feet, whether they be literal or metaphorical. On Sunday, June 7, 2020 from 12:00pm-6:00pm, you are invited to stake your claim in your living room, in your studio, on your porch, in your driveway, in a window, or anywhere you feel inspired to create and share your artform. Express yourself through music, dance, artwork, poetry or whatever. Do it for yourself first. And if in the process, you give inspiration to your neighbors, all the better.

ACA proposes this community project as a way to mark the day Arlington would have celebrated Porchfest. Here’s an opportunity to remember the spirit of Arlington Porchfest on Sunday, June 7 by creating something within your own little socially distant bubble. If you want, you can share your creation, but you don’t have to. If you can’t wait to get started — then don’t! There are no rules – except to observe stay-at-home policies and social distancing guidelines.


  • Create something on or before June 7!
  • Share it on June 7, 12-6pm
    • Through social media, tagging @arlingtonarts on your preferred platform and using the hashtag #arlingtonbubblefest
    • Send it to and we’ll share it for you!
  • Enjoy and share
    • Follow the #arlingtonbubblefest hashtag throughout the day on June 7 or check out ACA’s FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and here on to enjoy a day of music and art making in the spirit of Arlington Porchfest!

How to Participate:

  • Find a space where you feel comfortable and inspired to create and share your artform. This could be an interior or exterior space, as long as it adheres to current social distancing guidelines.
  • Create something! Sing a song, strum a guitar (or both!), paint, draw, write, dance…whatever you feel inspired to create. You could even make your own bubbles at home!Those with bands or other artistic collaborators are encouraged to find creative, socially distant ways to create together.
  • If you feel comfortable and have the resources to do so, document the experience. Snap a photo or record a video of yourself creating. If you participate on June 7, make sure you share your creation between 12pm and 6pm! More info on ways to share below.
  • If you prefer not to share your experience broadly, and just want to acknowledge the day that would have been Arlington Porchfest, that’s OK! You’ve done your part and we areglad to know you kept the spirit of Porchfest alive during a challenging year for us all.

How to Share: 

  • If you would like to participate in Arlington Bubblefest in real time, you can sign in to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and share your creation (photo or video) using the hashtag #ArlingtonBubblefest and by tagging theArlington Center for the Arts (@arlingtonarts). Posts created using this hashtag and that tag ACA will be shared throughout the day on ACA’s channels.
  • If you are eager to create something before June 7, but would still like to participate in the event that day, you can share your photo or video directly with ACA by emailing
  • Early submissions will be added to the Bubblefest feed on as well as on ACA’s social media platforms leading up to and throughout the day on June 7.

How to Watch: 

There will be many ways to enjoy Arlington Bubblefest this year!

  • Social Media – tune in to our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts throughout the day to see share post from musicians, artists, poets, dancers, and more!
  • – an updated feed of photos and videos from artists participating in Arlington Bubblefest will be accessible through our site leading up to June 7 and throughout the 12-6pm time frame.
  • Neighbors – in the spirit of Arlington Porchfest, keep an ear or eye out on June 7 to see if your neighbor is sharing their creation!

Arlington Porchfest 2020 Update

It is with much regret that the Arlington Center for the Arts must announce the cancellation of Porchfest 2020 due to the current public health crisis.

All of us have been looking forward to a community celebration, and we are truly sorry for any frustration or disappointment this news brings.

Please be on the lookout in the coming days for information about a new community celebration in the spirit of Porchfest — Arlington Bubblefest! We think it’s important to mark the day Arlington would have celebrated Porchfest on June 7, 2020. So we are developing an idea to invite local folks to claim their living rooms, studios, porches, driveways, and windows for personal projects (music, dance, artwork, poetry, etc). More details coming soon!

Sharing Our Songs Safely

Arlington Porchfest is a cherished celebration of community through music. In challenging times, the spirit of this heartening event is more essential than ever. We may not be able to gather on our front lawns right now. But we can still make music. We can still share it with our neighbors. We can still savor the moment and express our appreciation of it.

ACA invites all the citizens of Arlington to join together for a shared experience – albeit a virtual one. Sing. Play. Listen. Respond. Let’s get creative and find new ways to connect at this time when we need each other most. In the meantime, we encourage you to share your music with the community by uploading a video of you playing your music (either pre-recorded with your band, or something new from home) to the Arlington Porchfest site! Please share your songs on this site with these steps:

  • Ensure you have an account on this site, or create a new account.
  • Ensure you are logged in, or  log into your account here.
  • Share your songs here and when you publish they appear in this blog page, below the sticky post.
  • If you’re sharing a URL to an already published video, please paste the URL directly into the text box.
  • If you’re uploading a brand new, unpublished video to the site, please select the “Add Media” button at the top of the text box.
  • Before Publishing, please select “Shared Song” from the “Categories” menu on the right hand side of the New Post page.
  • Posts can be edited by the original poster or admin at any time.

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The Dallas Rag

Here’s my first socially-isolated multi-instrument solo performance.  Watch for a surprise that pops up in the middle of the video.

Michael Buonaiuto