Now that you’ve registered …

… let’s keep Porchfest matches firing!
Is your band all dressed up, with no place to play?
Is your porch lonely, without a single band in your schedule?
With just two weeks left to make your matches, we wanted to post a few reminders:
  • IT’S UP TO YOU, bands, artists, and porch hosts, to secure your place at Porchfest.  Use the status field  (filter for “looking for a band”, “looking for a porch”, or “looking for an exhibit”)  in the search engine. Once you’ve found a potential match ,  send a message to porch hosts, or bands or artists, to see if you can work something out.
  • If you get an enquiry, PLEASE RESPOND PROMPTLY (even if you can’t respond affirmatively, it’s helpful to acknowledge every query ASAP so that the band, artist,  or porch host can keep looking for the right match).
  • Once a band or artist and a porch have reached an agreement, it’s up to porch hosts to  “close the loop”  by updating their listing so that the band or artist is scheduled.
Thanks for making this year’s Arlington Porchfest the best yet!

4 Replies to “Now that you’ve registered …”

  1. 13FOREST is an art gallery at 167A Mass Ave. in East Arlington. We are very happy to be coordinating with nearby businesses so our area will be sponsoring Porchfest music all afternoon. We are looking for a world music band open to performing outside of our gallery. We are located on a busy part of Mass Ave and know that at 4 PM there will be no amplified music within earshot; meaning that the whole environment will be yours. We are open to acoustic and amplified music. Thank you!

    1. Yes. To edit your listing, see the confirmation email that you should have received after creating the listing. That email has a direct link for editing your listing. You need to be logged in to edit.

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