Sign Up

Welcome porch hosts, musicians, performers, and visual artists!

Here’s how to sign up and participate in Arlington Porchfest:

  1. Ensure you have an account on this site, or create a new account.
  2. After logging in to your account, sign up on the right registration form for you. This will create a new “post” on the site with your porch, band, or exhibit information. You can come back anytime and edit your post.
    • Porch hosts sign up here.
    • Musicians and performers sign up here.
    • Visual artists sign up here.
  3. If you want to host yourself: Sign up on the porch host form first. See our tips on how to self-host your Porchfest show.
  4. Find possible matches: Use the search form to filter and view porch, band, and exhibit posts on this site and find your match(es). You can filter by post type (porch, band, exhibit) and you can filter by status (“Looking for…”).
  5. Arrange your match: Every post (porch, band, exhibit) has its own “comments” button. Submit a comment on a post you’re interested in and the post owner/author gets an email that allows them to respond to you. (If you are a post owner/author with status “Looking for…” then please respond promptly to inquiries.)
  6. Schedule your performance or exhibit: After you arrange a match, it’s the responsibility of the host to edit their porch post and update the performance and/or exhibit information. As soon as the host publishes those updates, the porch, band, and exhibit posts involved will change status to “Scheduled” which lets everyone know the show is on!

The registration deadline is May 12, 2024.

Questions about signing up? Go to our troubleshooting page or email us at