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May 27 update: New porches with bands already lined up, and bands looking for a performance space and time, are welcome to sign up. Please do not sign up a porch if you have no bands lined up, because we have very few performers still looking for playing space.

Welcome performers and porch hosts!   Our quick and easy sign-up process will register you as a Porchfest participant.
New for this year: all hosts (aka “porches”) and performers (aka “bands”) are required to arrange their own matches(Don’t worry, we’ve made that easy for you: see below!)

Note: First time registrants will be asked to create a WordPress user name and password. If you participated in Porchfest in 2017 your user name and password are the same as last year’s. After you login, return to the sign-in page and follow the instructions below.

• Band contacts: Sign up your band.

• Porch hosts:  Sign up your porch and schedule your bands.

If you haven’t yet found your porchfest match: 

• Go to “View Listings” and search using  the  “looking for a match” category.

 •  Send a message to a potential match by clicking on the  band/porches’ name and leaving a message in the comment box. * 

• Once you get a positive response, the porch host should update their listing to schedule the band (s), which will stop the flow of enquires.

*Please be sure to check your messages and respond quickly so matches can be made in a timely manner!

Questions about registration? Email us at info@

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Having trouble registering?  Go to our troublehooting page.