The Lariats

The Lariats are a 3 piece band that performs Americana, Classic Country and some bluegrassy style  songs that ring out with harmony and fun.    Joel Sklar and Fred Civian play guitars and sing, while Don Barry holds down the bass and pretends to be Hank Williams and Johnny Cash !     The Lariats have …

Size: 3 or 4 performers

Pick Up Your Hat

Blues-ish electric guitar, bass, drums trio Pick Up Your Hat started playing together as members of Cheryl Arena‘s blues ensemble at Morningside Music Studio. We still play blues-ish music, but have branched out into country-ish, rock-ish, and even reggae-ish music. Dale “Dale” Kutyna – bass, vocals Rich Caloggero – electric guitar Goody – drums, vocals …

Size: 3-6 performers

The Clams

Early rock ‘n’ roll. Buddy Holly, Elvis…. The Clams started out as an opportunity for Ken Lafler (The Weisstronauts) and Jeff Jam (Jeff Jam) to do a deep dive into early Elvis (Presley) recordings. They have since added bass and drums and turned it into a full-fledged Rock ‘n’ Roll band. Jeff Jam – vocals, …

Size: 3-6 performers

Laura Vecchione

Rich, lush and full of emotion, Laura Vecchione‘s voice evokes wide rivers of the south that seem far from her origins in New York and Boston. She has recorded three studio albums in Nashville, and worked with Grammy-award-winning producers and musicians. Her songs have received heavy rotation on the Americana charts and received TV placement in …

Size: 1-2 performers