“Mickey’s Strings” (Ellery Klein Studio’s Adv. Fiddle Group)

Mickey’s Fiddles is a student group made up of the most advanced performers from the studio of Ellery Klein, a fiddle and violin teacher working in Medford and Belmont, MA.
Marie, Will, Vega, Zimora, Annabelle, Aviana, Elana, Charis and Clover work with Ellery to arrange a mix of Irish, Scottish, American and Swedish tunes, using chords, rhythms, harmonies and dynamics to take simple melodies and make them into an exciting fiddle ensemble.

Size: 9 fiddlers

3 Replies to ““Mickey’s Strings” (Ellery Klein Studio’s Adv. Fiddle Group)”

  1. Hi there,

    We are still looking for performers and would love to host you! My daughter (10 years old) is a fiddler and would love to see you all. We are located at 12 Norfolk Road. We have a big porch and yard, so could likely accomodate everyone. If easier to correspond via email, my email is juliann_dahl@yahoo.com.


  2. We would also like to host you in our cluster on Bartlett Ave. We have 7 stages that include porches, driveways and lawns for musicians, dancers and artists. Being a cluster we attract 200-250+ folks. 1pm or 2pm. A buffet lunch, snacks and drinks will be available on my deck. Some performers sit at tables and chat, others “grab-and-go.” Often there is a pop-up jam with other musicians. We feature groups music from other parts of the world and always have a children’s stage.

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