Registration Troubleshooting


I registered on the site, but when I go back, WordPress won’t let me log in.

Check that your user name and password are correct – note that they are case sensitive. If you are still stuck, request a reset of your password.  If that doesn’t work, contact us at and we will send you a new, temporary password.


Our band listing still shows us as “looking for a porch”, even though our porch host updated their listing and scheduled our band.

Spelling counts! Make sure the porch host has spelled the name of your band EXACTLY as you have in in your listing.


We arranged to play at a neighbor’s porch, but noticed that when we registered our band the field for the address says “no porch for now”.

Contact your porch host: make sure  1. they register,  and  2. they schedule your band (with the band name spelled correctly) at the arranged time! 


Still stuck?

Contact us at


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