Porch Host Registration

Host a Show on Your Porch!

Throw a party with live music! And please don’t take “porch” too literally. Anything that faces the street and allows the audience to listen from your property (i.e., not on the street) will be great.

As a Porchfest host:

  • You agree to host your designated band(s) on your Arlington porch, Saturday afternoon, June 18, 2022. Please check the appropriate box in the registration form to let us know if you’ll still be hosting if we use the Sunday June 19 rain date. (You can update any/all of your information later, as needed.)
  • You can optionally host a visual arts exhibit along with your band(s).
    • The exhibit should be outdoors in parallel with your performance(s) in a way that allows the public to enjoy the sights and sounds together.
    • We ask visual artists to provide the tables, easels, etc., needed to present their work. As an exhibit host, you would simply provide adequate space.

Porch host responsibilities include:

  • Having the permission of the homeowner (if it’s not you)
  • Inviting everyone you know to drop on by
  • Assisting performers and artists with setup
  • Remaining available for the duration of your host time
  • Ensuring participants stay on lawns/driveways and out of the street
  • And, most importantly, notifying your neighbors of your participation in the event.

Have more questions about where to start? Be sure to visit our Sign Up info page to learn more about how to host your own band on your porch, making arrangements with registered bands, and more!

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The registration deadline is May 15, 2022.