Our Neighbors Will Be Thrilled

With the electronics finally dried out from last summer, ONWBT return with a cheeky grin, a glint in the eye and a sizzling repertoire that totters giddily on the precipice of Classic Rock and 90s Nostalgia – with a few extraordinary renditions of contemporary hits thrown in to get even the most stubborn teenager SCREAMING for an encore.

Head bobbin’, face-meltin’, tub-thumpin’, ear shreddin’, bee boppin’, beer crushin’, bass boomin’, cowbell clanging’, feedback squealin’: there’s something for EVERYONE.

ONWBT features three local families enthusiastically re-living their youth (with slightly nicer guitars) – come for the lush harmonies, stay for the impromptu drum solos. Bring your own sunshine.

Size: 3-6 performers

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