Tips for Hosting Your Own Show

How to Sign Up

Start by signing up as a porch host. There are options within the porch registration form to “write in” a quick name for your performance or exhibit. Then you’re done! That’s the easiest way. But that doesn’t give people much information about what you’re hosting.

If you want to say more about your performance or exhibit than just a name, then you need to use the appropriate sign-up form (performance or exhibit) so that you can provide a description, genre tags, and maybe a photo.

You can use the same login to sign up both your porch and your performance/exhibit. After you create a post to register your performance/exhibit, then go back and edit your porch. There is a field where you “select a registered band” (or exhibit), and then you are officially hosting yourself. Yeah!

On the Day of Porchfest

We encourage you to recruit a friend to help you on the day of Porchfest. The friend can be your designated “hospitality helper” so that you can focus on performing or exhibiting. A hospitality helper does the kinds of things you would normally do as host of a lawn or block party, paying attention to your guests and ensuring that things are going smoothly.

Thanks and have fun!