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  1. Hi there, this is Diego, bass and leader of The Newtalians. We’d love to play at your place! I used to live in Arlington and would really enjoy being back.

    Our band covers very popular Italian classics, but in fresh interpretations ranging from ska to reggae, bossa-nova, pop rock.

    You can listen to our music here https://soundcloud.com/newtalians/albums and watch some videos here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMFrY1Wq0BQgfpZbGP0RcM8mucQ8OvMDB

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. What about we play from 2/2.30pm to 4pm? Would that work?

    I wanted to double-check that power will be available for amplification.

    1. I assume you just need access to a regular 110v? This is my first year hosting, but I was planning to have bands be on my back deck with the audience in the yard. I can easily run an extension cord or cords from inside the house. Would that work?

  3. Yes, we need just a power plug and we can run cords.
    In any case, can you contact me on our FB page?


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  4. Hi, this is Tim — I’m a member of the TDM Jazz Trio. We’re a small size group, so maybe a good match for your place? We are currently focusing jazz tunes made famous by Bill Evans. I’m the member of the group that lives in Arlington — I’m near Robbins Farm.

          1. Thank you, Lisa, see you then! Note that we will need power, too. A couple cords or we can bring extensions.

          2. Tim,

            Why don’t you bring the extension cords, just so you’re sure you have what you need.


          3. Yup, I’ll bring extension cords. I think I may also stop by your place so I can see the deck, so we know what the space will look like for setting up.

  5. Hello! If you are still looking to fill the 1pm slot we’d be honored to perform!
    We are a new duo based in Arlington performing contemporary and classic pop/R&B/neo-soul!

  6. Lisa, this is Tim from the TDM Jazz Trio. Looking forward to Porchfest on Saturday!

    We’d like to arrive at your place around 11:15 so we can set up.

    We’re also wondering how we should do the transition to Wayne & Isabelle at 1:00. Maybe they can set up in a different spot in your front yard while we are playing?

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