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  1. Hi, Bruce,
    This is Casey’s bandmate, Kim with the band Miss Ellaneous. We’d love to perform at the church again this year for Arlington Porchfest. Casey had reached out to you about potentially taking the earlier slot and then Miss Ellaneous could take the later slot if that works for you. Let us know! Thanks!

  2. Hello, this is Brian from the Christian Rock band, ChristTouchMaximum. If you are still in need of an act for Porchfest, we would love to perform! Please let us know. Thanks so much!

  3. We are looking for a 2 pm slot: Linda Marks (piano/vocals) and Woody Carpinella (guitar). I am a singer/songwriter and we bled poignant originals with favorite covers, integrating elements of jazz with contemporary folk.

  4. Hi, My small band & I (3 members) play keyboard-oriented Alternative ORIGINALS (reminiscent of such 1980’s bands as Tears for Fears, Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, New Order, The Fixx, etc.). If necessary, we can also perform our songs in a mellower “semi-acoustic” style. As usual, my lyrics are all G-rated, clean & while not classified as kids’ music per se, my songs are certainly appropriate for family-type settings. Thanks!

  5. Hi, this is Olivia Carpenter from student band Error404, we’re interested in your 2pm slot if it’s still available! We’re a group of seniors from Arlington High School that play rock, funk, and pop music. Please let me know if the spot is open. Thank you so much!

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