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  1. Hi – I’m writing to see if you’d like to have Fretbox Trio play at your place for Porchfest. You can look us up on the Porchfest page (and may have heard us live BC – Before Covid), but here’s the short version. Fretbox Trio is a multigenerational band that has performed at numerous venues around Boston for eight years. We have three albums of original tunes available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc. and describe our music as vocal-centric, blues-inflected pop rock. Our live performances are fun and dynamic and we add in some covers and medleys because, well, folks like ‘em. We have an excellent sound system which is perfect for outdoor venues and hope to use it for a 2-hour set from 2 to 4 (more music, less setup and breakdown.) We’d love to do it on your porch.

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