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  1. Hey
    I’m Oli Brader a rock, metal and rap musician looking for a porch to perform on. I see you’re not listed as “looking for a band” anymore but if you have an extra time slot for me after Dogs in a Pile it would be greatly appreciated. I write my own music and can provide my own equipment. I’ve done Porchfest a few years ago. I’d be thrilled to give a high energy musical performance on your porch. I hope we can work something out.
    my email is:
    Sincerely Oli Brader

    1. Hi Oli – I texted you back in May to your email address ,( from Spypond @rcn.com). Unfortunately, we have stuff elsewhere in afternoon. Just some ol’ friend’s playing 12-2.
      I liked your You Tube! Really sorry it won’t work.

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