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  1. Hi 300 Mass Ave

    We (Cousin Louis) would love to play your porch at Arlington Porchfest this year. We play a mix of blues and jazz and other groovy tunes. (Our soundcloud link is on our band page.) We’re open to any time, but 5pm would be our first choice.

    Also, we have friends who would like to play on the same porch as us–They’re called Kindred Road, and they are wonderful singer/songwriters.

    Thank you for considering us!

    Cousin Louis

  2. Hi! Kindred Road would love to take the 4:00 slot! Our friends Cousin Louis contacted you about taking the 5:00 slot. It would be great if we can play adjacent to them. Our bands may be able to share a PA so there’s be less set up hassle.

    Alternatively , we’d like the 3:00 or 2:00 slot if the 4:00 slot isn’t available.

    1. Hi, I’ll put you in at 2 and if we don’t get another request for the 3 PM slot, we’ll give you that one too. Does that sound okay?

  3. Hi all! We would love the 3pm slot for a band featuring friends of the 4pm and 5pm bands. We are Brenda Fingold, John Gass, Sandra Waddock and friends playing a mix of folk, pop, and Americana music with guitars, Native American Style Flute, drums and more. Hope the 3pm spot is still open.

      1. Hi Brenda, I’ve added you as a write-in for 3 PM; let me know when you register so I can put you on officially! Susan

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