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    1. Johanna, happy to host you on our porch. Will you be playing for a full hour or half hour? I recall that we had 30 minute segments last year but that can’t be programmed on the site right now. Happy with either time.

  1. I am a singer/songwriter pianist/vocalist and I play with guitarist Woody Carpinella. Our music includes originals and covers, integrating jazz with contemporary folk…and a little bit of Latin, gospel, pop thrown in for spice. We would be happy to play at your porch at noon. Please let me know if you are still looking for someone to fill that spot.

    Linda Marks

  2. Hi Kelley!

    I’m doing Porchfest this year with my musical partner Joe Musella on guitar! We’re doing a mix of originals and covers (blues, R&B, soul and jazz). Not sure if you have any times still available, preferably after 2:00 but let me know. Thanks!


  3. Hi, My small band & I (3 members) play alternative electropop originals (reminiscent of 1980’s new wave/synthpop such as Tears for Fears, Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode, New Order, etc.). As usual, my lyrics are 100% G-rated, clean & while not considered kids’ music per se, it is very appropriate for family-type settings. Thanks!

  4. Hi Kelley, I don’t see anyone scheduled for your porch in the noon slot as of today. Are you interested in hosting a pop punk high school band? Scheduled to play in the Heights but might want to move since the other band fell through. Thanks.

  5. Ruth and Andrew,
    I sent this 2 days ago with no reply from you.
    I believe I am the art person connected to your porch. I believe you said you have 3 tables I could use to display my art. Is that correct? You are at 21 Bartlett in Arlington?
    Is it from 12 to 2 that performers are on your porch? So I would display my art then? I assume I can bring any no. of my art works? I would love to have a phone conversation. What is your phone number? Fine to call me also. Thanks, Herb Pearce, 617 794 7213

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