21 Bartlett Ave

Looking for a band @ 12pm
Grace Ferguson and Colleen Nicholas will perform originals and covers from Adele, Sara Bareilles, Lady Gaga with keyboard accompaniment. @ 1pm
Looking for visual arts exhibit
Rain date:
Capacity: 2-4 performers

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    1. Johanna, happy to host you on our porch. Will you be playing for a full hour or half hour? I recall that we had 30 minute segments last year but that can’t be programmed on the site right now. Happy with either time.

  1. I am a singer/songwriter pianist/vocalist and I play with guitarist Woody Carpinella. Our music includes originals and covers, integrating jazz with contemporary folk…and a little bit of Latin, gospel, pop thrown in for spice. We would be happy to play at your porch at noon. Please let me know if you are still looking for someone to fill that spot.

    Linda Marks

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