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  1. Hi! I’m Jen from the Soundbites a cappella group. We’d love to sing on your porch if you’re interested. We are a co-ed adult contemporary group that sings an eclectic repertoire–-from pop to rock to Broadway. We had a great time performing on Amsden St. last year, but our hosts are expecting a baby and won’t be participating in Porchfest this year. Here are a few recent clips: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F4bjuqaUnCQP7eLnPFZc3tocQuBIwrMO.

    1. Great. Sorry it took so long to reply. You want to do 2 or 4 or 5? 25 pearl is playing at 3. Call me at 617-834-3866 if you have any questions.


  2. Hi! Red Velvet Slide is still looking for a porch and you have a nice one :). Maybe we can come together on this ? Let me know 🙂
    (We used to live somewhat near and did a few years of porchfest on our own porch so hopefully our old neighbors will trek over to have peek)

    1. Hi Chris – Yes sounds good. I have slots at 2, 4 and 5. We will have a PA also. My band is playing at 3. Let me know what time you want to play.


  3. Hi Scott! We can do either, but my preference is 4pm – and if there’s no one at 5 in the end, we can go a bit longer if anyone wants us to.
    This will be great ! Looking forward to it 🙂

    1. Chris – My Porch is back on. Schedules changed tmrw so I can now host and play. Still interested? call me at 617-834-3866 if you want. easier than this thing

    1. Sure man. 2 it is. Ill be playing after you. As a trio and a duo. Half band for this show. I have power and will have a PA. Bring your mic and instruments and amp of course but i have the rest. Or you can play through the PA. Whatever works.

  4. Hi there, Scott.
    If 5pm is still available?
    We are a 5-piece jazz ensemble w/vocal, playing mostly standards and looking for a porch.

  5. Hi-

    I had a porch host but they can only do Saturday. With the rain postponement, I am now porch less. I am glad to play at 4 pm.
    I am an award winning piano playing singer-songwriter.

    Many thanks,

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