10 Replies to “190 Mass Ave”

  1. Hello 190 Mass Ave.,

    Something is askew here. We are scheduled to play on Grafton St at 4 p.m, but somehow we showed up as playing on your porch at 3 p.m. I removed our name from your porch. Sorry, I don’t know how this happened.

    Betty Trembly
    Ipswich Jazz

  2. Hello. Someone added our group The Psychedelic Jazz Experiment to this location but didn’t check with us. I’m trying to get us scheduled at the same location as another group so we can go on consecutively. I see your location has other musicians scheduled right before so I’ll have to remove our listing from this location. Thanks! Debbie

  3. Athena-

    Woody Carpinella and I are interested in your 3 pm slot. Is it still open? I am a piano playing singer/songwriter and Woody is my guitarist duo partner. We integrate poignant originals with favorites covers. Many thanks! Linda Marks

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