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  1. Hi -We’re Antarctica – a local musical duo playing 60s and 70s Pop Covers – the music everyone remembers and loves. We play at local fairs, summer concerts, farmers markets, etc., and could play 3-5PM at your location. Check out our playlist, videos, etc at http://antarcticaband.com. If you’re interested, please use the contact page of our website, or leave a note on our page Thanks!

  2. Hello! My saxophone quartet is still looking for a location to perform for Porchfest if you still have availability. We’re acoustic, so we just need room for four chairs and stands.

    Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting us!

  3. Hi 17 Trowbridge, I am also looking for a porch in Arlington (BlowMyOwnHorn). I am a solo performer using voice, guitar, trumpet, and looper pedal to build up layers of sound. You can hear some examples at youtube.com/@BlowMyOwnHorn

    I just need a power outlet…:)

  4. Cliff & Carl, a violin and piano duo, are looking for a porch. Our sound level is of the more soothing/meditative type (most of the time!). Thanks for considering.

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for offering your porch!

    My band and I are looking for porch for a 1 hour slot, if available. We are engineers by day and like to play covers of pop and funk songs. We would need a power outlet for guitars and keyboard, and can provide everything else. FYI we also have a small drum set.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration. 🙂

    1. i can’t remember how we last left the possibility of you playing a 4:00 p.m. slot on my porch at 17 Trowbridge St. Did we confirm? or did you have a conflict. Please let me know. Thanx

  6. I’m looking for a slot for our duo. My name is Scott Samenfeld and I’ll be playing with Todd Brunel. We’ll be performing jazz tunes and improvisations. Do you still have avalability for your porch?

  7. Are you still looking for a 2pm?
    We’re Ghosts & Shadows, please check us out on Spotify.
    All Arlington residents. Thx!

  8. Hello,

    My band is called, Slow Train. We are a 6 piece band that plays original arrangements of Bob Dylan songs. We play a mix of Americana, funk, reggae, good old rock and roll. All fun. All danceable. All Dylan :-).

    We’d be happy to play 2 hours if you have a slot available.

    Let us know.

    1. Hey Matt, my lovely porch is available at 4:00 p.m. Are u interested.?

      17 Trowbridge in East Arlington

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