15 Lombard Rd

Looking for a band @ 12pm
Will Host :
Capacity: OK for big bands

2 Replies to “15 Lombard Rd”

  1. Hi Aaron

    Slow Burn (Jay and Lisa) would like to play at noon on your porch (as discussed some weeks ago)… have not seen you at the dog field in some time… everything OK?

    1. Hey Jay,
      I’m pretty sure Porchfest will be cancelled this year so we are not lining up any bands at the moment, if we do it will be last minute, in which case I’ll let you know …. We aren’t letting Cha-Cha off leash these days so haven’t been down the field in a while. Feel free to e me directly to check in marimegias@gmail.com! Miss our doggie playdates!

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