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  1. Hi! I’m looking for a porch to play on. Ideally, we’d love to do 2 sets, so we’d be happy to do your 3 PM and 5 PM. Our numbers vary, but we average about 10 players. We do need electricity for the keyboard & amp; otherwise, we are mostly acoustic unless there’s a lot of traffic noise to compete with. You can hear us here:
    and learn more about us here:

    Happy to talk! Please let me know what you think,

    Suzie (for Turkey Hill Ragtime Orchestra)

  2. Hope you are doing well! My name is Max Kozol and I represent Trophy Husband MA. We are a Progressive Funk band from Boston who would love to perform at your location for the fest! We can be available for both 3pm and 5pm, whichever you would prefer.

    Band requirements: 4 piece, using electricity. We can provide bass amp, guitar amp, and potentially even speaker monitors and drums if necessary.

    Our instagram is @trophyhusbandma, and check us out on spotify here!: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0jPRkP01MWhVEtABE9hiaq

  3. Melted Chapstixs. We are a Glam Punk band. Ready to rock the day with you. Let us know!

  4. Hi! I wrote a couple weeks ago, but don’t see it here so maybe you never received it? We are Turkey Hill Ragtime Orchestra, looking for a porch to play on. Happy to do both 3 PM and 5 PM. Would require electricity for our electric piano and a couple amps; would also love about 8 chairs though I can bring some if needed.

  5. Eek, sorry folks — we filled those two slots and I forgot to update this 😣 (also struggling to update it now…)

    Hope you all find places to play! ❤️

  6. Good morning! The Emotional Rollercoasters are a fun Garage Punk band and we would love to come and play for you! We are a three-piece outfit and we will definitely get loud and get you dancing!

  7. Hello,

    I’m Emily, and I’ve been organizing with Arlington for Palestine, which has been seeking to raise awareness of the situation in Palestine and engage in civic action to stop the bloodshed. We are putting together a visibility walk around 4-6 PM during the day of Porchfest to highlight and humanize voices from Palestine. The visibility walk will be designed to respect Porchfest performances and not compete with them in terms of noise.

    We’re wondering if you’d be interested in giving us a short few minutes of mic time in between performances. If you’re interested, our walk would stop at your porch at an agreed-upon time from 4-6 (between performances or as an intermission) to promote our local initiatives and read some poetry written by Palestinians. Our hope is that we can use this opportunity to get more people involved who are concerned about Palestinian lives but may not already know about our community.

    Please let me know if you are interested or if you have other questions!



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