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  1. Hello! This is Cameron from Magnificent Danger, a 15-piece brass band of seasoned performers from the Boston area that specializes in playing jazz and funk music from video games and anime. With our own arrangements, we put a new spin on familiar tunes from your past to give them a fresh, modern edge. Would you be interested in hosting our brass band? We are open to any time slot except for 2pm.

    If you would like to hear a sample of our playing, take a look at our EPK attached below. We would love to hear from you!

    Magnificent Danger EPK – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18-ooK3ff-Q18Q8CJpef5xdSShOIeUOk0?usp=sharing

  2. Hi Cameron. Thanks for contacting me and Magnificent Danger sounds perfect to join our porch/stage. My group plays jazz as well. We’ve got a big cul-de-sac that can host lots of people. I’ll have a 12 input mixer and PA system setup if you need it.

    Do you want to play at noon or 1? My group will go on at 2. We are also planning to host an “after hours” open mic for jazz musicians starting at 4pm. Feel free to spread the word on that as well.

    My direct email is jenniferhruska2@gmail.com. Thanks.

  3. Hi! I’d love a one hour slot if you still had one to offer! I do musical improv/ freestyle rapping!

  4. Hello, if you are still looking for a performer, I would love to play there. I do Brazilian Bossa Nova with original songs composed by me and I have a piano player (I play the guitar and sing). My songs are pro-immigrant and refugee rights. Please, let me know.

    1. Hi Hobart, Sounds like a good fit for our stage. We have a 12 noon – 12:50 slot still available if you want to come by and play. We’ll have a piano so your keyboard player doesn’t have to bring hers/his if they don’t want to. You should bring a guitar amp. I have mics.
      Let me know please. Thanks!

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