Host a band on your porch!

Throw a party with live music! And please don't take "porch" too literally. Anything that faces the street and allows the audience to listen from your property (i.e., not on the street) will be great.

Please register by April 21, 2017. As a Porchfest host, you agree to host your assigned band(s) at the assigned time on your Arlington porch, Saturday afternoon, June 3, 2017. (When you sign up you can tell us if you can host just one band, or if you are willing to host more than one.)

Responsibilities include:

  • Confirming you live within the festival boundaries
  • Having the permission of the homeowner (if it's not you)
  • Inviting everyone you know to drop on by
  • Assisting bands/performers with setup
  • Remaining available for the duration of your host time
  • Ensuring participants stay on lawns/driveways and out of the street
  • And, most importantly, notifying your neighbors of your participation in the event.

If you already know the band(s) you'd like to host, please make sure each band registers separately. Then use your registration form to tell us which bands you are hosting when.

If you are performing on your own porch, please sign up as a performer, not as a host. Please assign someone else who is not performing to be designated host, and have your designated host register separately. Thanks!

Your registration information will be stored in your own user profile, where you can update it anytime before the end of registration, April 21, 2017.

You will receive your band match information around mid-May, 2017. Should you have any questions, please email


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.


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