Photo Cards, Prints Jewelry and Mixed Media Art

Soulful Jewelry Inspired by Travel

Elena Clamen
Photo cards, prints, magnets

Handmade textiles from a friends Jewish community in Uganda

Marina Strauss

Mixed Media art/textiles

Janis McClinch




2 Replies to “Photo Cards, Prints Jewelry and Mixed Media Art”

  1. Hi, Allison told me you had signed up. If you are interested in exhibiting in our cluster that has very high visibility, maybe the highest in Arlington because we have 7 stages and other artists within the few blocks of our cluster, then you should wait for us to get back to you with the lawn address. When we know all the performance acts and the artists, we assign spaces so there is a wonderful flow for all the attendees and each artist has maximum visibility. Our cluster runs from 1pm-3pm with some performers starting at noon. Happy to discuss. 781-648-0925, landline.

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