Nature watercolors: Herb Pearce

Watercolors of seascapes, landscapes, birds and sunsets. Herb Pearce is an Arlington nature watercolorist and also uses pen and ink, colored pencil and acrylics. He is a couples psychotherapist and teaches the Enneagram Personality Types.

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  1. Would you be interested in displaying your art at our Arlington Center porch during Porchfest? You’d need to bring a way to display your work (tables? etc.) as the bands will be occupying the porch…….

  2. Hi, would be happy to have you come to our place with your art. We’ve offered our covered porch to bands but have a large but uncovered driveway on which to set up artwork. We are also here for the rain date if the event needs to happen then.

    A number of other porches nearby have bands playing so the neighborhood might be a draw.

    We have 3 2×4 folding tables and one long one (would need help to move the long one up through a basement bulkhead)

  3. Ruth and Andrew,
    I believe I am the art person connected to your porch. I believe you said you have 3 tables I could use to display my art. Is that correct? You are at 21 Bartlett in Arlington?
    Is it from 12 to 2 that performers are on your porch? So I would display my art then? I assume I can bring any no. of my art works? I would love to have a phone conversation. What is your phone number? Fine to call me also. Thanks, Herb Pearce, 617 794 7213

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