Brendan Lehman Artworks

I’m a local Arlington heights artist, oil painter, and illustrator. This is my first time contributing in the Arlington Porch Fest. ┬áMy work and more about me can be found at

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, thanks!



Rain date:

2 Replies to “Brendan Lehman Artworks”

  1. Hi Brendan.
    Your work is stellar! I’d love to have you show your stuff at our house.
    We’ll be there basically from noon to 6:00
    You’re welcome to give me a call at 781-953-8477 if you’d like
    We’re at 30 Freeman Street in East Arlington

  2. HI Brendan, Steve Klosterman here. We’re also hosting a porch at our house on 12 Lincoln and could have some room for your stuff if you are still looking.

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