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Band Category: Covers, Folk, and Rock

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    Feel good cover band from the lumineers to Foo Fighters.  Come join us and sing along.

    MCP is a side project for The Burros as our dear friend and guitarist/keytarist is spinning his gears doing his bicycle thing in the ALPS.  While he is away well do all the songs he doesn’t like playing.  HEHEHE!

    Vocals Featuring: Thad Schilling and Debbie Richard

    Percussion:  Jim “Jimmal” Mayall

    Guitar and Vocals: MC

    Bass:  Stevie C

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    1. Author
      Mike Chambers 7 months ago

      Please ignore the date on the sign. That was 2016.

    2. Author
      Mike Chambers 7 months ago

      The guy peeking through the profile pic, his name is Jimmal. He’s our drummer. He also made the mistake of taking that selfie on my phone.

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