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Band Category: Blues, Covers, Funk, Indie, and Rock

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    Binge Magick are an indescribable mixture of funk, blues and sensory input. Voted KrangLand Magazine’s 2017 Artist to Watch.

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    1. Steven Sangster 10 months ago

      I caught these playing a set at an underground bare-knuckle boxing tournament to the death over in Cambodia back in the 70’s. Their crusty funk explosion was so intense that the combatants had to stop fighting, and started kissing each other right there in the ring. It was later found out that nearly everyone in the crowd that day was cured of all their various STIs that they had accrued over years of dangerous hedonistic living. Wondering how these four turbo-hunks found such a powerful unheard of sound, I got talking to them and found out that in the year 2020 they had become time dads capable of using the power of funk to transcend the 3rd dimension and travel freely through time. It’s pretty radical to finally get to see their first show, and understand where they began to unlock the secrets of time, space, and math

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