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  1. Hi Whatknot, we’d love to have you do a set at 3pm on Cleveland St. in East Arlington near Capitol Sq. We’re planning for a big crowd, and we’ll have plenty of help on hand for set up, etc. Should be really fun! Please let me know. Thanks, Kelly

  2. Hi Kate! I am going to try it this way – hope you can still visit our porch!! (PS – Ruth and Andrew from above are our neighbors!!)

    Let me know if this works! And I will contact them as well to see how to make the connection.

    1. Hi Marella- well I got the msg , but still not sure how we confirm The scheduling???
      Maybe they’ve emailed me back.

  3. Hi Kate,
    It’s Ruth and Andrew following up on our previous message. This is the first time we’re participating in Porchfest and I’m not clear how this matching system works! I see your reply to Marella but I’m not sure if you mean us when you say confirming the scheduling, and, like you, am not sure how confirming the scheduling takes place!
    My cell phone is 781-290-7356

    1. Hey Ruth! I think that I just secured the band – I know Kate from work, and told her about Porchfest, and that is how we made the connection! So excited that our neighborhood is doing this!

  4. Hi! Would you like to play at our porch ? (3 ottawa road)
    Anytime between 12-5pm works with us. Let me know so I can email to the organizer. Thanks!

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