Tunefoolery is a music nonprofit with many different acts composed of musicians in mental health recovery. We perform 200+ gigs a year for the mental health community at hospitals, mental health centers, and shelters,  as well as for seniors and the public, bringing hope and inspiration.

We are excited for the chance to perform at Arlington Porchfest and have three solo acts lined up: a blues/funk solo acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter, a classical flutist, and an acoustic classic rock guitarist/singer.


Size: 1-2 performers

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  1. Hi – Are you still booking slots for Arlington Porchfest? I’m late to the game signing folks up this year, so you’ve got the pick of the litter – anytime between noon and 4 pm. My house at 2 Lehigh St has a driveway with some rain & sun cover from a porch above.
    ~ Pam

    1. Hi Pam

      Thanks for your offer! We would be delighted to perform on your driveway. We would need an electrical out. We are interested in a two hour slot, for our 4 acts. Any time would work. How about 12-2?

      Hopefully, this can still work, given that the official porchfest cutoff day was May 12.

      You may contact me at jfisher@tunefoolery.org.

      Best regards,

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