The Italian Alps

Ciao, salut!

I, Andrew L. Palmacci, am writing as the singer/songwriter/guitarist and bandleader of the A.L.P.s, calling ourselves the Italian Alps for the purposes of scheduling a time in the East and before, the French Alps, for a porch to be scheduled earlier in the day in the Heights. French, because several of our original songs are in French; Italian, because my family is of Italian background and we’re on the path to dual citizenship and fluency, getting back to our roots.

The A.L.P.s are an indie-rock/lo-fi group singing short-story style songs, literary in texture and garage band-esque in chord progression and sonic flavor.

I am a near-6-year Arlington Heights resident along with my wife. And I teach World Language at Arlington Catholic High School.

I have a lot of family and friends in the greater Boston area, and am hoping to contribute a good bit of audience to your porch–or right in front of it..

Please do get in touch!



Here are some links to music:

and video:

and a full press kit:

Andrew L. Palmacci and Timur Pakay (drummer) of The A.L.P.s
Andrew L. Palmacci (singer/songwriter for The A.L.P.s)
Rain date:
Size: 3-6 performers

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