We are a group that enjoys experimenting with the intersection of bollywood, western rock, blues and Indian classical music. We often re-arrange popular existing songs in these genres fusing them as mashups to give them a new twist!

Rain date:
Size: 3-6 performers

4 Replies to “TaalMel”

  1. You guys were awesome. Show your stuff at some open mics. I found out Club Passim has a monthly date for new “world music” bands.

  2. Thank you for the very kind and encouraging words! We will definitely check out some open mics including Club Passim.

  3. Your performance was a joy to hear and see! I’d like to have a way to know when you’ll do any open mics. Do you have a Facebook page or anything like that for TaalMel?

    1. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement ! We don’t currently have a Facebook page but will update this space to let you know when we do, and will post information about other events there as well. Thanks for coming out and supporting us!

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