11 Replies to “Slow Train”

    1. Hello. We are available and very excited to play!! What time are you looking for. We can easily fill 1-3 hours of Dylan and other stuff as well.


  1. Hi, we are in East Arlington and are looking for a band to play around 2pm. Would love to hear from you if you’re available!

  2. Hi,

    I am representing the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Our porch is in Whittemore Park in the middle of Arlington Center. I’d like to book you for any time frame that you have available.

    1. Hi! We are very interested in playing and are waiting for a reply on another porch. But time is moving. I don’t want to cause an issue either.

  3. Hi Patrick-

    We have 1pm and 2pm spots open on our porch if you have either of those available. Our building is the Gibson Sotheby’s Real Estate office on the corner of Mass Ave and Walnut St. We have a really big wraparound porch that looks like it would accommodate you. Let me know if one of those times works for you!

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