Puppet Show and Storytime with Irena Stanic Rasin

Will imperious Hen get the help she demands to clean her muddy feet? Not unless she learns courtesy and respect.  Join me for a retelling of a Croatian nursery rhyme When Hen Was on Her Way to Market.

Storytime – meet AntonTon, a unique guy who does everything his own way! He plants eggs in soil, uses a pig to chase mice, and sprinkles sheep with snow. Told in rhyme, this story is goofy enough to entertain children and lyrical enough to please adults.

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Size: 1-2 performers

7 Replies to “Puppet Show and Storytime with Irena Stanic Rasin”

  1. Irena,
    how long does this usually take? Which ages would you recommend?

    (would 3pm work for you instead of 12pm? Just asking for now.. there is another group that can make 12pm but not 3pm)

    thank you! looking forward to hosting on you on 6/18. Thanks

    1. It runs about 45 minutes. I have a pending gig at 2 pm about 5 minutes away from your place, so it might be doable. Thanks, Irena

      1. Great. I changed it 3pm then. It is ok we start little later than that too. Thank you for being flexible

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