Pond Dive

Hey there, we’re Pond Dive. We’re a new jam band out of Massachusetts. We’re all about that classic rock vibe with a bit of indie rock thrown in for good measure. We use two guitars, a bass, and drums. We’re still fresh on the scene and super stoked to jam out. We can’t wait to play some tunes at Arlington Porchfest!

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Size: 3-6 performers

3 Replies to “Pond Dive”

  1. Hi Pond Dive,

    I have an porch at 2 Mott St in East Arlington. Just registered so all time slots are still available.

    Let me know if you’re still looking for a porch to play on.

  2. Caught your performance on Sunday – your band was great! It was one of the highlights of our day. We came home and searched for Peanut Butter and were surprised not to find you but a further google helped us find your original post saying you had registered as Pond Dive. Hope you’ll perform again around town.

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