Nine Pound Hamster!

Nine Pound Hamster is a Bluegrass trio of Tim Hedlund (banjo), Greg Lindquist (mandolin), and Dan Holabaugh (guitar). Really, with a name like this,  you know it’s going to be fun!

No, we don’t have a page on the Book of Face or spend much time twitting about. All our energy goes to feeding the hamster.


Size: 3-6 performers

2 Replies to “Nine Pound Hamster!”

    1. Hi Susan,

      Sorry, we are already booked. I actually live at 73 Cleveland St, just up from you, and this is one of my bands. I’m also in Swing99. All will be playing at my place.

      If I remember correctly, that is a super sweet porch. Awesome part of our neighborhood. Kind of sad I can’t come and play there! If any of my friends are looking or if I hear of any other good bands looking I will send them your way. Feel to reach out at any time, even outside of porchfest. I always love meeting neighbors who love music. -Dan

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