Muse Stew (4pm); Similar Jones (5pm)

Muse Stew performs original jazz compositions and arrangements of jazz standards, Latin and Brazilian tunes.

Muse Stew photo
Muse Stew – ProchFest 2018

We’ll be playing in front of the KickStand Cafe from 4-5p.

Scott Samenfeld – Guitar
Jim Repa – Saxes
Mark Mullins – Trumpet
Karen Gruber – Percussion

Momentum – Scott Samenfeld – ArtLounge – 10-28-18
Watch our video – click here.

SIMILAR JONES will play at 5 pm.

Rain date:
Size: 3-6 performers

5 Replies to “Muse Stew (4pm); Similar Jones (5pm)”

  1. Hi,

    Would you folks like to play on my porch at 36 Melrose St at either 4pm or 5pm?

    I’ve hosted performers for Arlington Porchfest twice before, and I have a pretty nice first floor porch, just a few steps above street level and large enough to hold 5 musicians & equipment, with easy access to electricity, etc.

    I have a band scheduled for the 3pm slot – Le Prestige, a bass & drum groove driven jazz band (with vibes!) that I’ve heard many times and like a lot.

    I also have one other music performer scheduled, a friend of mine plays with “Head Down”.

    My schedule for performers is still a little flexible at this point – you could play at 4pm or 5pm

    Please let me know if you are interested, or if you’ve found somewhere else to play.


  2. Hi

    We see you are at Kickstand at the end of the day but your post says you are still looking for a porch. You would be welcome to our place earlier in the day – we have a large porch that is 22 feet long and other neighbors who are planning to host. We are open at 1 or 2 pm. Looking forward to hearing your music one place or another! Best, Ruth and Andrew

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