Middle Eastern Dance show by Seyyide

Looking to bring a 20-minute dance performance to a porch in Arlington.

I presented at group Porchfest in 2019 and then a mini-class at the virtual replacement, Bubblefest, in 2020.

Here is the link to see the online class/demo-like presentation to Bubblefest 2020

And here isĀ  a photo from my participation at Porchfest 2019

Here is a link to my most recent public performance, at “Cambridge for Ukraine”, a fundraiser organized by Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre and the City of Cambridge

Video of my performance by William Parsons / Maximal Image: https://youtu.be/w1_Qh-Lyy5Y

Official video of the full Cambridge for Ukraine event by CCTV:

Dance for World Community: Cambridge for Ukraine on Vimeo (my performance starts at 1:27:30

Photo of this event:

Seyyide on stage performing at "Cambridge for Ukraine"

I need a clear area, with no slope please, and smooth enough floor that it won’t hurt to dance on it. There should be no block of the view (such as a fence) so full body movement can be appreciated. Minimum size, I would say, approximately 12′ x 12′

Thank you!

More videos and photos available on

Instagram: @seyyidesultan www.instagram.com/seyyidesultan

Facebook: @seyyidebellydance www.facebook.com/seyyidebellydance

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/SEYSULDance/

CONTACT INFO: seyyidedancer at gmail

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Size: 1-2 performers

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