Lourdes Pita

LOURDES PITA, of Hispanic heritage, picked up the guitar when she was nine years old. Her mother, the internationally acclaimed Cuban poet in exile, Juana Rosa Pita, taught her how to play the guitar and to sing Spanish and English folk songs.  Sinking deep roots into the New England soil and the streets of Boston, she acquired numerous devoted fans while releasing several critically acclaimed CDs.   She has opened for Livingston Taylor and Patty Larkin.  She has had numerous songs featured in film scores and is currently working on a Spanish language CD.

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“Uplifting acoustic based rockers, fueled by a sweet feline voice and some terrific playing makes Lourdes Pita  an unexpected delight. I can say for sure, that the production is first rate, the music is well played and the singing is beyond reproach. The tight harmonies are exquisite. When all is said and done, Lourdes Pita has a real gem on her hands with “In Control”. —-Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine – January 2002

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Size: 3-6 performers

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  1. Hi! Would you like to play at our porch ? (3 ottawa road)
    Anytime between 1pm-5pm works with us. Let me know so I can email to the organizer. Thanks!

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