Little Billy Lost

We are a Boston band that plays Rock & Roll with members from previous bands such as The Atlantics, Figures on A Beach, Third Rail, Chain Suck, Fire King, Charcoal Lavage, Pop Gun, Two Saints, Tenafly Vipers and American Puverizer.

Little Billy Lost is:

Fred Pineau Guitar/Vocals

Smitt E. Smitty Drums

Patrick Moynihan Bass/Vocals

Jim Melanson Guitar/Vocals

Size: 3-6 performers

One Reply to “Little Billy Lost”

  1. Hello Arlington Porch Fest!
    Smitty of Little Billy Lost here.
    Do we know the address of where Little Billy Lost is performing on Saturday, June 18.
    Also, what time do we need to be there?
    Can’t wait! What great fun we’ll have!
    All the Best!
    — Smitty

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