Laura Vecchione

Boston based singer and songwriter, Laura Vecchione

Rich, lush and full of emotion, Laura Vecchione‘s voice evokes wide rivers of the south that seem far from her origins in New York and Boston. She has recorded three studio albums in Nashville, and worked with Grammy-award-winning producers and musicians. Her songs have received heavy rotation on the Americana charts and received TV placement in national television shows. In addition to performing, Laura is a sought after voice teacher in the Boston area and Assistant Professor of Voice at Berklee College of Music. “Laura Vecchione hails from New York, lives in Boston, and recorded her debut album in Nashville. Keep this quick bio handy to remind yourself that she’s not from Chicago, because Deeper Waters sounds a whole lot more South Side than Soho, Allston or Grand Ole Opry.” -Valley Advocate

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Size: 1-2 performers

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