Kay tear

Kay tear is a pianist, singer, and producer currently working on her debut album merging R&B, Classical Romantic, lofi, and ambient music. She seeks “the heart’s natural resonance” when she writes and performs. She resonates most with bubbles, warm purples and pinks. Some rougher textures to contrast with the softness. Can’t all be soft. Can’t all be joyful. Should tell the whole story. But should tell the story as sweetly and romantically as possible. Just as other artists’ works have resonated within my heart, her sincere hope is that her music resonates with other people in the world!



Looking for a porch
Size: 1-2 performers

2 Replies to “Kay tear”

  1. Hi. We signed up our driveway at 28 Pondview road in East Arlington off Lake st.

    It’s a relatively calm and kid friendly street.

    Let me know if you are interested

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