Jeweltones a cappella group

The Jeweltones are an a cappella singing group formed in
2004 at Temple Isaiah, Lexington, by a group of women who
wanted to pool their diverse musical backgrounds to create
music together, and have since expanded to include singers
from surrounding communities.  Their eclectic tastes are
expressed in the far-reaching range of their music,
encompassing madrigals, folk songs, classical pieces, Hebrew
songs, and jazz and pop classics.  They have performed at
Lifelong Living programs at Brandeis and Tufts, local
farmers’ markets, Arbor Day celebrations, the yearly
Lexington Music Club public concert, and senior living
residences at Brookhaven, Lexington; The Commons, Lincoln;
North Hill, Needham; Newbridge on the Charles, Dedham.

Members include Marsha Byrnes, Cynthia Eid, Leora Fishman,
Lynn Geltman, Betsy Gerlach, Julia Harper, Sally Huebscher,
Bonnie Kelly (Director), Kate Leiterman, Ruth Lynn, Carol
Sacerdote, Fern Schaffer.

Here is a playlist with 2 songs we’ve performed recently:

Size: 10-12 performers, no instruments

3 Replies to “Jeweltones a cappella group”

  1. Hi Julia,

    If you haven’t seen my comment to you and Kickstand Cafe, I told them we have sound. If we (Willie T & Doctor X) can get the 12 pm slot, you are welcome to use our sound system at 1 pm.

    1. Hi Julia,

      I just saw a comment from Emily, at Kickstand. She was asking if–since we have a lot of material–if we could start at 11 and play until 1. I said we could, and that you could use our stuff afterwards. I said yes, we could. She may not have seen that comment yes, because i just posted it (at 3 AM!) So, I haven’t got confirmation yet, but they haven’t closed the slot. We can provide up to four mics and mic stands, and 2 monitors.

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