Jason Sibi-Okumu

Jason & Jacob Sibi-Okumu are a soulful singer/ songwriter Duo and Berklee Alums

Born and raised in Kenya, Jason Sibi-Okumu is a soulful singer/ songwriter , whose timeless melodies and expressive lyrics captivate his audience.

Since graduating from Berklee, Jason has continued to develop his skills as a performer and songwriter. To date Sibi-Okumu has written over 45 songs.

Plans for a 2018 release of his first solo record ‘Closer to the Truth’ are underway, with the the record set to be released this summer.

Although relatively new to the music industry, Jason’s fan base is steadily growing as his dynamic performances, unique voice and honest writing continues to win him fans across around the world.

“I believe that the mark of true success is joy and as a result, I want my life to represent two basic ideas: The first, is that not only is true happiness attainable, it is sustainable and the second is no matter who you are or where you come from, you can be, do or have ANYTHING you want” ~ Jason Sibi-Okumu


Rain date:
Size: 1-2 performers

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