Grosvenor Square

Join Grovenor Square at Arlington Porchfest for a day filled with classic rock and jam band spontaneity. Our performances are all about exploring the boundaries of rock with improvisational flair. Expect dynamic guitar solos and rhythmic depth as we bring new life to rock classics. Each song is a journey, and we invite you to groove along with us. Perfect for fans of vibrant, live music experiences—Grovenor Square delivers an afternoon you won’t want to miss!

Looking for a porch
Genre(s): ,
Size: 3-6 performers

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  1. Friends! My husband and I are the owners of 13FOREST Gallery in Arlington (167A Mass Ave) and we would like to know if you’d be willing and able perform outside of our gallery on Saturday at 4 pm. We are coordinating with other businesses in the area and ours slot is at 4. We had a band booked but it backed out because of a gig that came up in the Fenway. Please give me a call at 617-233-1892 or email me at We’d really like you to be on our “porch,” which is actually a sidewalk. Jim Kiely

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