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  1. Hi all

    Leonard from 11 Varnum Street and Past Life Crisis here. We’re scheduled to be playing simultaneously literally across the road from each other which isn’t ideal. So I’d like to propose the following.

    Past Life Crisis delay their set until 3pm, play an hour, and The Girl Scout Cookies move up to 4pm.

    That way we stagger the performances and bonus, all bands get to play longer sets because you don’t have the immediate changeover on the same porch. Each band can be ready to start the minute the previous band’s set is over.

    So it would be:
    2pm Keegan James Blood, 18 Varnum
    3pm Past Life Crisis, 11 Varnum
    4pm Girl Scout Cookies, 18 Varnum

    What do you all think?

  2. Hi guys. I see 18 Varnum has pulled out. We’ve got a couple of slots free. Fancy playing over the road at 11 Varnum?

    1. Sounds good, we would love to! Is 4pm still a good time? We were planning on playing a 30-40 min set.

      1. Brilliant. That works. I’ve tried putting you in that slot on our porchfest management page, but it’s not showing you as an available band – maybe because of the mix-up with the other porch. I’ll try and sort it. Is this you’re Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Band.GirlScoutCookies ? If so we can private message to arrange gear-sharing and setup etc.

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