Fretbox Trio

Fretbox Trio performs original songs and classics, drawing on a wide range of blues, folk and rock styles. We describe our music as
vocal-centric, blues-inflected pop rock.

The group consists of Gary Goldsmith, Adam Kaufman, and Jarrett Clayman playing guitar, bass, and Cajon (beatbox). Fretbox Trio is unusual, both musically and sociologically. We’re multigenerational and bring together different perspectives and musical styles.

All three of us sing and are songwriters in our own right. The distinct character we each bring to the music allows us to blend genres harmoniously. Like so many other artists and performers, we’ve been in hibernation for the duration of the pandemic but it’s a joy to be able to get out on the road and entertain people.

Adam plays bass and Jarrett works the Cajon, a sit-on percussion instrument originally from Peru. They’ve played in several successful local bands with an avid following (Djatmaterra, Cure for Static, others). Gary has had a number of musical careers over the decades playing solo and with bands since 1958. We all sing in various combinations, depending on the needs of the song.

Our songwriting process is fluid – we bring ideas to the table and develop them together – producing material and performances that are fun and dynamic. We have engaged audiences at numerous indoor and outdoor venues in and around Boston over the past 8 years.

You can find links to our music at and see video from performances on our Facebook page. Check out 29 original tunes from our three albums by searching for us on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, and other purveyors of fine music. More to come – we’re well on our way to our next CD. Listen, enjoy and we hope to see you at Porchfest!

Size: 3-6 performers

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