Crooked Mowth

Crooked Mowth is an a cappella trio (sometimes quartet) from the Boston area, conceived by three harmony-hungry friends during the COVID-19 pandemic. Haley Fisher, Jennie O’Brien, Jim Henderson, and James Gerke deliver a rich vocal blend and unique arrangements to songs old and new. Though the performers already have a comfortable home in the trad/folk style of singing, their goal is to make an impactful sound across genres.

We will be performing at 64 Grafton Street at 4 pm.

Here is some of our music (more available on Bandcamp)…

Size: 3-6 performers

4 Replies to “Crooked Mowth”

    1. Greetings, Ellen.

      Thank you for reaching out, and yes, that should work. My only question is that there is a band playing at the same time (4 pm) at 77 Grafton Street. Is that sufficiently far away so that they won’t impact us (and vice versa)? If it will work out, let’s connect more directly so that we can all spread the word and get a good audience.


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