Community Dance and Drums

This is a circle of dancers and drummers. We will connect to the beat, sing and laugh together! This is a joyful dance in which we enjoy the energy of the group and where when we can just let it go! It is also an opportunity to celebrate life and nature! We will invite people to join us to dance: it is accessible to everyone, all generations are welcome: join us and let’s have fun šŸ˜‰

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Size: Big group

One Reply to “Community Dance and Drums”

  1. Hi Sophie,
    Julie Goldberg here, from the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra. We’re performing at the Trinity Baptist Church also, in the 2:00 slot. I’m not sure if you know this, but we are playing under a very large tent on the lawn that day (it will be set up on Friday sometime). I was just reading that you will be dancing on the lawn and want to make sure you know about the tent so you can figure out where you’ll be dancing. You’re welcome to dance under the tent but will need to watch out for the stakes/barrels etc! It could be a hazard…hmmm. I think there’s a big enough space that you can be apart from the tent. Anyway, just a head’s up! Maybe come by on Friday so you can see?

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