Citizens’ Loft Artists: Chelsey Meyer, Ill Thrift

Citizens’ Loft is a record label and production company that is based in Boston and New York. We focus on nourishing artists and building a community. We can be found at and 3 of our artists will perform at 3 Ottawa Road.

Ill Thrift
With a newly released Citizens’ Loft EP on May 17th, “No Reverb,” Ill Thrift is ready to hit the stage with new songs ready to go! Check out their music here:

Chelsey Meyer
Chelsey is getting ready to release their second LP through Citizens’ Loft, and has recently put out two singles that highlight their intriguing sound. Music is available here:

Rain date:
Size: 3-6 performers

6 Replies to “Citizens’ Loft Artists: Chelsey Meyer, Ill Thrift”

  1. Hi! Would you like to play at our porch ? (3 ottawa road)
    Anytime between 12-4pm works with us. Let me know so I can email to the organizer. Thanks!

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